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Welcome to Dashport.
Order manage­ment and progress tracking like never before.

All your orders. All your partners.

Dashport provides an easy overview over all your current and past orders. See the status of your orders in the blink of an eye and invite suppliers and customers to collaborate on documents and order details.

All partners in one place. Collaboration is key for getting orders organized, shipped and unloaded in time. Invite your whole supply chain to collaborate on Dashport with you. Don’t worry – we’ll always keep your customers and suppliers strictly separate.

Cross-team communication. If you’re managing a lot of orders in parallel, keeping up with communication can be a chore. Dashport provides a solution for you to communicate with your team, customers, agents, and suppliers all in the same tool.

Login. Connect to SAP. Go. Setting up Dasport in your workflow is easier than you might think. With our easily accessible API, we can integrate with all your existing procurement tools. No extra work in setup or transferring existing data – you’ll be up and running in no time.

All documents in one place

Keeping track of all documents that are related to your orders can be a chore. With Dashport you have one centralized place that lets you keep track of what documents you’re currently waiting for and which ones you still need to provide to your customer.

Feedback in the right place. Leaving feedback on a document is super easy in Dashport. Just click anywhere in the document to leave feedback right where you clicked. No more referencing page numbers or order positions.

1,2,3, versioning. Found an issue in a document? Just upload a new version! You can go back to all previous revisions of any document and all the annotations related to them.

Just in time – always on time. Dashport will help you receive and deliver documents in time, every time. With an easy way to see which documents are already approved and customizable notifications for document changes, you’ll finally be back in control.

Real time order updates

Dashport will help you stay on top of all your current trades. With real time updates you’ll always know what’s going on – with the tasks you’re working on as well as any order and shipment updates.

Proactive order updates. Whenever something happens, you’ll be the first one to know. A new document might be available for you to review, or someone from your supply chain wants to get in touch with you. No matter what happened since you were gone, there’s only one place you need to check for updates.

Shipment tracking. Dashport provides you precise, up-to-date information on your shipment’s status to you and anyone you invite to the order – No more relaying information! We will also notify you if anything goes amiss or gets delayed.

Customize your Notifications.  Focus on the things that matter most. Customize which events we should notify you about – enable email notifications for the ones that are most crucial to you.

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